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      Roasting Ovens, Roasting Ovens Turkey, Turkish Roasting Ovens , Roasting Ovens Turkish Companies in Turkey

Our company was established in 2011, by starting with three friends having sectorial experience since 1993 to work together at Ordu Organized Industrial Zone on 500 m² of open and 1000 m² closed area
The first yellow roasted chickpea machinary has been designed and produced by Mr. Hasan BOYACI in 1957. In this respect the first steps in dry fruit machinary production has taken place.
ERDIL MAKINA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI has been in Nuts processing and manufacturing machinery sector since 1997 in domestic markets and incorporated a company in 2011. Erdil Makina and perform in international markets. We are in every steps of processing nuts from raw ingredient to finish products so We use latest technological engineering and design to get the best result. Erdil Machinery is manufacturing company of all type of dry nuts roasting machines and food processing equipments. We have the advantage of knowing how each machinery works for each type of products, So we update and improve our machinery and roasting techniques to get the best result and to ensure a long shelf life of the products. Unlike conventional machine supplier, Erdil machinery can give you “Know- How” support until the last stage of production. We can build a new production facility with the advantage of having knowledge and experience in this sector. Our experts will also assist you by giving the recipe of mixtures for final products. We are not only selling machinery but also teaching how to produce.